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Whole Life Insurance Offers Guarantees

Whole life insurance is one of the most cost effective safety nets available to you.  The principal reasons to select whole life insurance are:

life insurance cash value accumulation

Accumulate Cash Value

guaranteed interest on life insurance

Guaranteed Interest Rate

life insurance cash value

Guaranteed Cash Value

Life Insurance Death Benefit

Death Benefit

The most popular choice for selecting whole life insurance is:

Peace of Mind

As life insurance, it is the only investment that gives you nearly instantaneous access to large amounts of cash just when it is needed by your loved ones most. No other investment makes such a guarantee.

The popular benefits of whole life insurance are:

Guaranteed Cash Value

whole life insurance offers lifetime protection

Lifetime Protection

Guaranteed Premiums

Quick Fact:

Life insurance is the only product in the world that provides a guarantee of large amounts of cash payable immediately at the death of the insured.

Life Insurance Choices

We offer more companies and more products to save you more money.

You have choices and the final decision is up to you. The sooner you start planning, the more you’ll have time on your side. And more time- used wisely- is always a good thing.

Choose The Best Life Insurance Company 

Life insurance companies each have underwriting procedures they follow in determining the outcome of an individual life insurance policy. The insurer’s underwriters typically use a combination of factors in their evaluation.

Once your initial status is determined, it is normally set for the life of the policy. This is called an underwriting classification. Some of the possible outcomes are preferred, standard and rated.

This also means your rates are locked-in and will not increase even if your health should become progressively worse in the future.

You may also be able to lower the rates of a current policy should your situation change for the better.

Ultimately, your insurance cost can and often will increase as you get older.

life insurance protection

Understanding your options.

Get help from a life insurance professional.

These are some of the factors life insurance companies use:

  • Age                   
  • Sex
  • Height and Weight
  • Health History
  • Purpose of Insurance
  • Nicotine/ Tobacco Use
  • Travel
  • Insurance Inforce
  • Alcohol Use
  • Credit/ Bankruptcy
  • Driving Record
  • Criminal Record
  • DUI History
  • Hazardous Activities
  • Aviation
  • Family History

Ask your life insurance professional how the answers to these questions may impact your final rate and insurability.

Life Insurance Professional 

Online life insurance quotes are only a start of the journey.

A whole host of requirements must be met before the final rate is issued by the company. If not done properly, the amount you can end up paying can be significantly different than what you were quoted. Why?

Because insurance companies use an assortment of underwriting tools in determining the final rate.

The Real Work Follows the Quotes

This is where it is worth to have an insurance professional on your side. This is where it is worth to have an insurance professional on your side. Let them go to work for you. After all, that’s how they get paid. 

A good agent is going to need to get to know you better in order to work at getting you the best final life insurance rates. 

Dig deeper!

Don’t just get a quote and go with the best rate. It can end up costing you more.

The selection of the life insurance company is of great importance, not just the rate, which can be more costly for the same person after the final evaluation by the insurance company.

How to get the best life insurance rate?

Insurance companies may evaluate applicants for life insurance differently. So an applicant for insurance one company would regard as preferred would be standard at another company and perhaps even rated at another company.

Also, according to research, some companies rate up to 70% of all applicants as “preferred” but charge more than other companies would charge for a “standard” rating. Some say this is to make applicants and agents feel good about themselves and the company.

The take away is to do your homework. It’s okay to get quotes for life insurance online, but you also need to walk away knowing your toughest questions have been answered to your satisfaction.

Check Life Insurance Quotes

The take away is to do your homework. It’s okay to get quotes for life insurance online, but you also need to walk away knowing your toughest questions have been answered to your satisfaction.

Since 2001

We have helped a great multitude of consumers with term life insurance, the preferred choice for millions of people world-wide.

The principal economic goal of life insurance is to accumulate cash.

Are you ready to get yours st​​​​arted?

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