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Life insurance companies are constantly creating better performing products to meet their customers ever changing needs. One such product is universal life insurance, a policy designed to offer affordable protection lifetime protection with the options and flexibility in the event your needs change in the future.  

The benefits of universal life insurance are the ability to customize the duration of the death benefits, the option to increase or decrease the death benefit and the premium flexibility to adjust the premiums to correspond with changes to your income. As you go through life, the amount of money you have to pay life insurance premiums might change. Universal life insurance gives you the ability to adjust your premiums when your personal situations change. 

Universal life insurance can provide an assortment of benefits, features and options to create affordable protection that meets your needs today, with flexibility to get you through changes in the future.

For specific individual needs, universal life insurance has additional customization options. These products are able to offer a variety of benefits and riders that can be added to your universal life insurance policy to help fill special needs in your long-term plans.


Benefits of Universal Life Insurance

One of these benefits is the ability to select a guaranteed monthly or annual income stream of payments that can last up to 30 years. This can help with life’s ongoing financial expenses and can potentially lower your premium payments, whereas a typical life insurance product will generate a single cash fund after you die. In addition, the universal life insurance policy may offer both, an initial lump sum payment to help cover immediate death expenses and a reoccurring stream of payments.  


More about universal life

Universal life insurance policies are flexible, multipurpose policies that can be built to meet a variety of needs. In addition to providing a death benefit for your beneficiaries, a universal life insurance policy has the potential to accumulate cash value which may provide funds for many purposes.  


Using Your Policy For Home Protection


For most people, their home will be their biggest investment. They will often have a need or desire to protect it and make sure their able to pay off mortgages so that the family can remain together in their own home. You must also have the necessary funds available to maintain it.   

A universal policy can help you. It’s flexible design gives you the potential to accumulate cash value. Once you policy has accumulated adequate cash value, you may be able to use these funds to pay off you mortgage early or make renovations.

Most importantly, the policy’s death benefit can be large enough to afford to pay the mortgage, all of the bills and take care of all your responsibilities if you weren’t around anymore.


Unique Benefits of cash value life insurance


The financial world offers many options to help you save, accumulate and preserve assets for retirement. With so many options, how do you know which one is right for you? For example, did you know that cash value life insurance offers some of the same advantages as commonly used retirement vehicles and even a few unique benefits?

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