Increase your disability insurance policy with Future Benefit Increase Option

Future benefit increase option allows the insured to automatically increase policy benefits on each policy anniversary. There is no need to show proof of good health in order to increase your total monthly benefit. The company will not ask for any medical underwriting to receive an increase in monthly benefits. Even if your health has changed for the worse, you will not have to submit medical exam.



The option of future benefit increase is usually offered for a set number of years, after which the company will require a new application and evidence of continued insurability, except that you do not need to show proof of good health.


Every option anniversary the insured receives a notice communicating the increase in benefits and the new premium amount. To accept the increase, the insured pays the new premium which results from the increase offer made under the future benefit increase rider. The insured may also reject the increase benefit offer by notifying the company in writing.


The future benefit increase option can be terminated if the insured rejects any two automatic increase offers. If the rider is terminated due to rejecting increase offers, the insured may have an option to reinstate the rider with a new application.


The age limit for this rider is usually age 55. No further increase offers are made after reaching the age limit of the future benefit increase option. Another way the rider may terminate is if the insured does not submit underwriting evidence of continued insurability when requested by the company on the options anniversary which is generally every 5 to 6 years. The underwriting information is needed to determine financial justification to continue increasing policy benefits. Generally, the insured will be asked to submit financial documentation such as tax returns and an application that ask for the insured’s current employment information. There is no requirement to provide information on the insured’s health.     


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